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Digital Transformation platform of grocery shopping!

Enjoy an innovative grocery shopping experience using Dukkaani’s Grocery Weekly Supply Cycles that will automate your grocery shopping from Farms & Food Factories to your doorsteps!

Groceries from your phone to your Doorstep

What We Do?

Dukkaani is a pan Arab smart shopping platform enabling and transforming all grocery shopping stores to sell their products online. Acting as an online agent between the customer and the retail store, Dukkaani offers the products at the store price and manage their orders online smoothly. The adaption of the Autonomous Ordering will eventually support Dukkaani to build its own fulfillment center for the wholesale companies serving all subscribed customers with their groceries. The center equipped with high end automated system controlling robotics collecting and handling customers orders.


The Opportunity

Dukkaani Smart Shopping leading a disruptive innovation by Adapting the Artificial Intelligence to take the burden of the consumers stressful routine of managing the household grocery needs and streamline Autonomous Ordering to preferred customer store. This is achievable when founded based on the deep learning of the Big Data of consumers past purchasing orders to build the shopping consumers pattern, correlations, market trend and customer preferences. Ultimately, Dukkaani platform is ready for the IOT (Internet of Things), are you ready for the future?

Join us in realizing Dukkaani’s vision to improve the lifestyle by the Autonomous Grocery Shopping powered by AI.
Invest with us and guarantee a better future for your family.


Groceries from your phone to your Doorstep

A wide selection of stores and groceries in just one app

All In One Collection

Quick, easy and convenient bargains delivered to your doorstep

Personalized shopping

A personal shopper to select quality goods delivered to you


Specialized mapping system

Find the nearest groceries for the quickest deliveries

Secure payment

Start to finish worry-free shopping experience

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Sell your merchandise online with the Dukkaani app and enjoy the best perks for your shop

  • Be one of the Pioneer stores to join the online Markets.
  • Enjoy full control over the virtual store.
  • Take your business to the next level of expansion
  • Take advantage of an intensive Marketing Campaign to promote the services and the shopping stores.
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What Makes Dukkaani Different From Other

Dukkaani is a pan Arab smart shopping platform transforming all shopping stores to sell their products online and we started in UAE as beginning, also it is the only application that provides all grocery items supported by clear images. Groceries delivered to you in just a few clicks! No need to go out to the supermarket or local store. Access the app from anywhere, select a store, browse products and click to buy! Buyer can have it delivered to any address-home, office or the park. Dukkanni records all orders history. Re-order with just a click. And save your favorite orders The seller determines the fastest possible delivery time for every new order, which also depends on the distance between delivery address and store.


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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Union Coop

Union Coop is one of the biggest local hypermarkets group in Dubai and it is registered as a consumer cooperative entity. The chain includes Fourteen branches located strategically across Dubai and is established in the aim to improve the social and economic conditions to its members. Since its establishment, the Union Coop has achieved remarkable success and is ranked at the top List nationwide, in terms of role, outspread, capital and profit.

Strategic Partners


Aswaaq is a local brand and recognized as one of the trusted retailers in UAE. In Compliance with the international standards, Aswaaq manages and operates supermarkets and retail community malls located at the heart of residential communities, in addition to, a variety of value added services. As part of Aswaaq Corporate Social Responsibility, Dubai SME Members are provided with many facilities to support their business. It is located at the at the neighborhoods with the feeling of the outdoor markets located at the heart of communities where other required services are provided at one location.

Strategic Partners

West Zone

West Zone Fresh is a Supermarket Chain with around 28+ branches located at the hub-areas in Dubai. The supermarket as one of the leading chains in Dubai puts customers at the centre of its operations. The design of its various branched are done to offer a relaxing shopping experience and offers a wide range of quality, imported and locally produced products at attractive prices.

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